I dislike talking about me, it just doesn’t feel natural. I want to use this blog to place hold digital keepsakes, ideas, concepts, tips and tricks and even simply things like how I combine technology and cycling.

I suppose to start, backgrounds are always nice when reading a blog, so here is my story. My journey into technology started over 20 years ago with a simple BBS. Dial up, pre-HTML days I would build, repair and sell computers in order to afford my next computer/server. Always needing more speed to run my bbs, it was basically a 0 dollar operation. I did it for the passion of the computer. That BBS was named Apparition BBS and the name continues today with some of my side projects. The original business is long gone, however the Apparition name continues to make appearances in my consulting life. Some might say I am holding on too tightly to a name.

I continue working in the technology industry today with a focus on the hospitality and restaurant space. While this means some of what comes across my desk is industry specific, it doesn’t remove that knowledge from the wide range of information required for general technologists.

In my role I have the opportunity to use, play with and install technology from a wide range of companies. I use open source products, closed source products, I dabble in dev, I enjoy a good network design and in general technology puts me into a happy place. My job feeds my general geekery.

I have noticed in my 2 decades of experience a large gap in the industry. Between companies offering free, and companies who want your first born. I work hard to find solutions that fit in between, with high value and lots of power. I hope to bring some of those solutions to the table on this blog.

I also intend to use this blog as a personal place holder. A location where I can drop information as I need it. My two main passions are cycling and technology. Expect to see technical posts, to rants, to cycling information to just plain geekery.

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