IT newcomers failures

“I need to feed my family”
This is a direct consequence of the aggressive advertising of courses that promise rapid income growth. Well, at least people don’t get loans before leaving for IT – well, if that’s the case.

At first, in IT, a person is paid little. If he is not yesterday’s student, then there are almost always obligations behind him – family, children, mortgages, etc. The drop in income can be both serious and for a long time – it strongly depends on the desire to survive in IT. Many simply cannot stand this, especially men over 30.

I don’t know where such information comes from, but they sincerely think that a financial cushion is enough for 2-3 months, and then the grass will turn green and cognac will flow under a lying stone. What happens after 3 months is clear. “I want, I try, and it seems to work, but I have obligations, I can’t let my family down.”

Once again – I write this without irony and mockery, I have family and obligations myself. He himself started in IT with a salary of 5 tr.

Therefore, friends, men over 30: save up a pillow for at least six months. And do not burn bridges with either the previous or the new job.

“I’m thinking…”
Oddly enough, but there is also such a reason for non-survival. In all seriousness, there are people who came to study and train, but manage to mold, voice and zealously defend their vision of the Way of the Programmer. Accordingly, to criticize what is offered in the employer company.

No, just for fun listen. And they will offer freedom of choice of the path. Along with the freedom to pay your own salary.

More 50/50. Some smile, apologize and sit down to work. Others leave with their heads held high.

“I will enter the ball”
There are quite a few cheaters. Basically, the pattern is like at an institute – to mingle with the crowd, somehow “surrender”, learn how to solve a couple of typical problems of a certain profile and take some warm corner.

Unfortunately, this pattern is strong because it sometimes works. The world of programmers is so rich and diverse that there is a place for non-programmers. But the survival rate is not worth it.

“Mom / wife sent”
If my mother, then, as a rule, she sent me to study at an institute or college as a programmer. If the wife – then just “enter the IT”, because “Snezhana’s husband is out of his mind.” Snezhana’s husband may be a little rough, but it’s very difficult to overcome yourself.

Especially and precisely because “mother sent” and “Snezhana’s husband.” The hierarchical instinct, coupled with the acquired inferiority complex, creates either an apathetic or a very nervous dude who sits every single day and does not understand what he is doing here. Motivation for learning is appropriate.

Well, if it boils in oneself, then it starts to infect others. Look for your own kind, conduct heartfelt conversations, almost incite to rebellion, just to get rid of the forced necessity or justify it by leading some not very confident novice programmer astray.

Don’t do this, please. Waste a lot of good people’s time, incl. – himself.

“There is everything according to the instructions and on the Internet”
There is such an opinion about programming as about middle-level system administration – all the answers can be found on the Internet. For the sake of truth, we have to state that in certain areas it is really so – a significant part of the tasks have long been algorithmized.

But the one that requires a creative approach will definitely meet. Fortunately, if on the third day isp. term – the realization will come faster that in programming you need to think a lot, invent, try, make mistakes and move blindly.

No matter how hard the developers of new technologies, in which the code is written by itself, try, the programmer has been and remains a creative profession. This, again, is not golemy show-off. You will have to come up with solutions. Yes, now is not the year 2000, there is something to rely on – but it is to rely on, and not to steal.

Unfortunately, there are non-survivors who refuse to think. They literally sit down, fold their pens and demand “tell me what code to write to me.”

“I miss the stars from the sky”
One of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong starting point. Sometimes the wrong company or even the wrong department. There is nothing particularly terrible here, you just need to carefully listen to the interviewer’s story about the company and not be afraid to express your desires.

And that’s how it happens. In one department, seasoned programmers are taught, in the other, support staff. Both professions are important and necessary. A person wants to be in support, but is afraid to admit it – who wants to see a condescending smile from HR? (spoiler – it won’t happen, HR gets paid to close a position).

So they stick, suffer, do not survive and leave. It happens and vice versa – they want to become programmers, they are afraid not to get in, they grab a titmouse, and there it seems that the place is normal, and they pay well, but they never entered IT. Then, oddly enough, the transition is even more difficult.

“I can not”
A fairly generalized reason, but it occurs often. A person came, sat down, did something, the mentor looked after and helped, but at some point the trainee fell into depression and came to quit. He makes a verdict on himself – “I can’t cope,” “I can’t do it,” “others are much better.”
The problem is aggravated by the fact that with proper warming up, a person is no longer ready to listen to the mentor’s arguments, feedback, because “he decided everything” (or even found a new job). It is clear that the mentor and / or the boss will get their own – they did not notice in time, did not support, and in general.

But we are here about the reasons for non-survival. And such, alas, occurs. The trainee is captured by the natural “run” response and is not ready to freeze or hit.

A separate category – “well, I see.” Here it gets into your head that the rest are much better. No matter how much you explain – in no way. According to my observations, here the syndrome of an excellent student is often mixed in – you need to raise your resume, look at the scores for the Unified State Examination and the average for the diploma. A person is used to maintaining an inferiority complex in himself, and you, with your persuasion, only hinder him.

If you come to enter IT, trust the assessment of only one person – the mentor. Well, or whatever you call it there. It’s best to talk to him right now.

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