Export Mapmyride to Strava

mapmyride I may elaborate further on too tools I use to keep track of my cycling life. But as it stands, I use two. I prefer Mapmyride for the mid ride stats, not to mention just general usability. Plus, it worked with my hr monitor. Strava did not. However Strava fills the stats geek in me with joy. Breaking down the rides in more logical segments and in general just being stronger for analysis. Someday I hope one or the other, catches up to the others strength, so I don’t need two tools. However for now, I need both. StravaSo I really needed a tool to export mapmyride GPX files, and in turn import them into Strava. First link I found gave me what I wanted.

Step 1 – Retrieve Mapmyride Workout Identifier
First we need to get the mapmyride workout identifier. This is easy enough to do, look on the address line of the website. Ensure you are navigated to a workout to export. There will be an identifier at the end of the URL. http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/12345678 Copy the 8 digit number (in this example, 12345678) and move onto step 2

Step 2 – Export Mapmyride
Visit this site. A big thank you to the author Mike Palumbo for making a kickass tool. Export Mapmyride to strava After clicking submit it will export a GPX you can import into strava.

Step 3 – Import into strava
a) Find the upload button in the top right of your Strava Screen.
Strava – Upload

b) Select Choose File, find your file and import
Strava – Select File

c) Fill in the information, and select save
Strava – Import Activity Screen

A simple enough process to get both programs to work together. There are alternatives such as a fitness syncing program I found, but it complicated my life more than made it easy. I use several programs to track different parts of my fitness. Automatic syncing ended up duplicating too many activities.

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